WIAW- I love Sweet Potatoes!

Yet anotherWhat I ate Wednesday, yaaay! I’ve noticed something about my breakfast preferences… On weekends, when I wake up around 10:30am, I looooove to sit down and have a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast and fruits. Or something along those lines at least. However, on school days, when I’m forcing myself to get up at […]

WIAW… On Thursday

I really did plan on doing this post on Wednesday, I swear it. But, we all get busy, don’t we? Either way, you guys get all my glorious food pics anyway so what does it mater? 😛 *Insert hair flip emoji* OH NO wait, I actually found it on google. A little big, but it […]


Hello lovies! Today has been so dedicated to my blog. I’m sorry for neglecting it for so long, yet its not 100% my fault… You can blame school. I blame school for everything 😀 The weather on the other had, has in general been MUCH nicer. Winter is officially over! But now, I have to […]