*Crafting Update*

I know a while ago in a slightly older post, I mentioned I picked up a new hobby… That hobby being crafting-specifically with polymer clay! I first discovered polymer clay in a local craft store as I aimlessly wandered around in attempts to find myself a new hobby not related to exercise/cooking. I first started with paints, […]

WIAW… On Thursday

I really did plan on doing this post on Wednesday, I swear it. But, we all get busy, don’t we? Either way, you guys get all my glorious food pics anyway so what does it mater? 😛 *Insert hair flip emoji* OH NO wait, I actually found it on google. A little big, but it […]

Start of a New Month

The start of a new month provides us all with that oh-so familiar refreshed feeling, right? Just like the start of a new week (cause everything starts on Monday, right?) Or the start of a new day. What is it about new beginnings that are so motivational? 😛 Anyway, with each new and upcoming month, […]