Pumpkin Bread

Hi guys! Just popping in to add a new, delicious and wholesome recipe! Even though its not fall, I had a craving for pumpkin so whipped up this pumpkin loaf! 🙂 The recipe has no sugars, nor stevia (for those who aren’t a fan) and has no oils! I’m not against using oils in recipes, […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffins

Hello guyss! 🙂 My favorite kind of cooking is definitely baking. Maybe its because I have a huge sweet tooth, but I also enjoy watching it transform in the oven! This recipe I attempted a few weeks ago, and kept working on it until I had a preferable texture. Finally nailed it! Lsat time I used eggs- […]

Blueberry Maple Cream Oatmeal

So, I notice that a lot of all my breakfast recipes on here are oatmeal recipes… I apologize. Actually, no. I don’t. Its not my fault that every delicious breakfast combination that is genuinely sweet and nutritious contains oats 😉 hehe! Here’s a quick one for you, and I hope you all enjoy it! Blueberry […]