Marjorie! Where ARE you?!

…Yes. Yes… I have vanished again. I apologize, I really do. Insert caption “I’m sorry.”           While I know I have been a little absent in the blogging world, I can assure you all I am still very active on my Instagram account (@_Workforit) Posting almost daily. Not only have I […]

Spring dresses & Sunlight

This warm weather makes me happier than a… Hmm. Happier than an adorable bunny with a oversized carrot! Tomorrow its supposed to rain though, so it’ll be more like… Anyway, today mother nature decided to shower down gorgeous sunlight. It reached about eighty today and it was just lovely. I feel like winter this year […]

Post St. Patties Day

Okay well lets first clear the air- I’m not 100% Irish. I’m mostly Italian, and a lick of Irish from my mothers side. But of course, that 1/4 of Irish-ness happens to come out in me a lot Hence my pale skin, ability to roast in the sun in like 10 milliseconds, and easily getting […]