Who, me?


Hey there! c:

How are you all doing? Fine I hope ^^

My name is Marjorie, and I’m currently seventeen years old.

Many of you know of me due to my love for fitness and eating clean… My life is also composed of so many other things that I love though, too. Those are just a couple of things I enjoy.

… So lets try this again…

My name is Marjorie, and I am 17 years old.

IMG_1052    I love, live and breathe fashion.


IMG_1169 IMG_1057


IMG_1170 IMG_1171

…I may or may not have a stash of domos in my room~


I love…

IMG_1165 IMG_1168

                                   Chocolate                                               &                       Peanut Butter

~Sweets, teas, and all sorts of treats~

…But who doesn’t?!

If you don’t, I’m not sure how much of a friendship we could have.

Jokes, jokes. ^^

Of course, there are so much more things I enjoy, and those are just a few. Running happens to be high up on my list of things I love, followed by baking, reading, writing, and just living the normal life of a (somewhat) average teen.

DSCN1515 DSCN1699 DSCN1870

I love adventure, I love fun, I love my girls…

But most of all?

I love my cat.


He may or may not be the only man in my life…

          But just like every young girl, we strive for perfection. It all started with the oh-so common goal “I just want to lose five pounds!” Or, “I just want to tone up a bit!” after a glorious holiday season… And thats exactly what I did, I lost five pounds, I toned up a bit. I discovered the amazing, fun and ever-changing healthy lifestyle that I now religiously live by. But as it does for many people, passions evolve into obsessions. Calorie counting, perfect macros, weekly daily weigh ins-numbers basically controlled my life. My body and mind were starting to forget what ‘healthy’ meant as the numbers on the scale dwindled down. Now I am aware that healthy is not just eating as perfect and flawless as I can, but enjoying my life; finding that balance between food, health, and sheer happiness.This blog isn’t just about my clean eats and struggles, its a blog about my life- to help bring me back to the things I used to love so dearly, to draw me out of my isolated ‘clean eating’ shell.




13 thoughts on “Who, me?

  1. Wow! It sounds like we have a lot in common! I follow you on Instagram an I really like seeing all the meals you have because I gives me TONS of motivation. This summer I tried to lose weight but did it completely wrong. Like you, I became obsessed with calories and daily weigh-ins. Every day I would drink close to a gallon of water and have 2 hard boiled eggs and then would run. I saw results and saw how my bones were starting to show and how people were complimenting me on the weight loss. But then school started and I became stressed out and turned to food, thus, gaining more weight than I had lost. Recently I’ve turned to clean eating and have been doing great, I just need to exercise a bit more because I’m not doing sports in school but I still want to become much more educated on meals and what to eat. My goal in 2013 is to eat clean (with the occasional cheat meal), exercise more, and to just love myself and life. I’ve been depressed from 2 deaths in my close family in a 3 month time frame and also from failed a relationship with a guy I really liked. I would really love if you could help me out in any way you can! It’s very hard to achieve weight loss for me because I am SO impatient and just want the weight gone ASAP. How long did it take you to achieve your current weight? And how did you stay so motivated through it all?

    • Hello! I’m glad you are able to find some sort of motivation from my IG posts ^^ It makes me extremely happy to hear that!
      I too, still have a lot to learn when it comes to eating healthier and better meals, and really feeding my body the nutrition it needs due to my past habits. I’m no professional, so I can’t really help you, but more so offer my opinions. With exercising, find something you realllyyy love, and thats fun! For my its running- I love to run! For other girls it may be lifting, kickboxing, zumba, dance, yoga- you name it! Find something you really love and you’ll be way more inclined to work out and exercise ^-^ I’m extremely sorry for those who passed in your family. Ironically, two members in my family passed away swell within a three day timeframe. I know what you’re going through, just stay strong! I too was very impatient with weight loss, which what lead me into my horrid habits. My weight loss took place over the course of a year, where summer I really started to drop (unhealthy) . The key is to find a balance between exercise and eating healthy foods, and the weight loss will come to you. And as for how I stay motivated, I really have no clue o.o I tend to have more of a perfectionist attitude (sometimes this isn’t a good thing) that keeps me motivated. I also think about how happy I will be in a certain amount of time.

      • That’s actually very good advice, thank you! I guess I’ll just try my hardest to find balance then!

      • I kid you not, 2 weeks ago I went in to have my screwed up SI Joints put into place, the lady at the front desk asked twice if I was anorexic I reluctantly said “yes”. The doctor came in, asked if she could “try something” I agreed. She moved my c2. By the time I drove home, I had absolutely ZERO ED thoughts or compulsions. I see her twice a week, for about 8 minutes each time and it is like someone flipped a switch inside of me and just turned the eating disorder off… Sometimes (like today, I bet) things get out of alignment between visits and I got right back to Ana-land.

      • Wow, really? I’ve never heard of that before. Isn’t it crazy how everything can be linked in our bodies?? I’m going to have to look into this a bit more, thank you very much for the recommendation!

      • Absolutely! I’m so excited and want to tell the whole world. There has been zero research or case studies on the subject, I checked with both NEDA and national chiropractic organizations. My doctor is from Palmer College, I think that is important to the whole thing, because I’ve been adjusted by other chiropractors (no other Palmer Grads) in the past without the same result. The manipulation that she uses is also extremely gentle without any grabbing, twisting or popping, so it’s not scary. C2 is extremely high on the spinal column, against the brain stem, a lot of doctors won’t touch it. Please let me know, or blog if you decide to try it. I’m really curious to find out if the same thing works for others!!! For me, the experience had been life altering enough, that I’m currently working on applying to Palmer myself, in hopes of using my experience to free as many people as possible from the inexplicable unholy torture of eating disorders.

  2. hey, follow you on IG and wanted to say youre doing great! im almost weight restored and am happier than ever….loving eating to fuel my body – not starve it! where are you from???

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