Superfood Sweet Potatoes


Delicious, decadent, full of savory flavors

Superfood Sweet Potatoes

Hey guys! It’s about time I upload another recipe. Today I bring you deliciously different sweet potatoes BURSTING with flavor!
Not only are these delicious and filling, but full of complex nutrition properties that each of the unique ingredients offer.
Lets get started with the recipe, shall we?
(*- see notes at bottom before starting to cook/prepare)


– 1 medium-large sweet potato
-2 or 3 slices of turkey bacon
– 1 leaf of kale
-3 mushrooms
-Coconut oil (for greasing/frying)
-1/8-1/4 cup of veggie broth (and additional if needed)
– Garlic powder & sea salt to taste
-1oz of smoked gouda cheese (my fav!)


  1. Cook your sweet potato your preferred way (Microwave, oven, ect)*
  2. Preheat oven to 375 F
  3. Remove kale leaves from stems, and tear with hands into an edible size. Remove stem from mushrooms, and cut the cap into preferable size
  4. On the oven, heat a medium frying pan, and a smaller one.
  5. Melt the coconut oil in the medium frying pan and add your veggies to this. Add garlic powder and sea salt, and mix every once in awhile to prevent sticking/burning, and to coat veggies in the oil.
  6. In the smaller pan, lay down your turkey bacon strips and cook according to packaged instructions
  7. Remove cooked sweet potato and cut down the middle (not in half). Remove some of the insides with a fork. Remove veggies when fully cooked (kale changes shade and mushrooms browned)
  8. Mash the inside sweet potato with your veggie mix, and return to the potato and stuff it up! Extras are delicious on the side ūüôā
  9. Insert slices of the gouda cheese in the sweet potato, and place the whole potato in the oven for 5minutes or until the cheese is melted/soft

*Cooking sweet potatoes in the oven can take time- make sure there is about 10minutes left before its done before you start cooking your veggies.
If microwaving, start the microwave for a few mins first, and then cook your veggies





  • Kale¬†is constantly recognized for its vast nutritional value. Kale is high in fiber (5g per cup) which supports healthy digestion. It is also PACKED with tons of vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin K, A and C. These vitamins can prevent blood clotting, build up your immune system, and skin. Kale is also rich in antioxidants, and contains a fairly high amount of naturally-occuring sulfur, which is great for detoxifying your liver- especially when combined with the high amount of fiber!
  • Mushrooms¬†are a superfood, too! They don’t get much attention, which I am going to change ūüėČ Mushrooms provide an array of nutrients that aren’t normally found in most vegetables such as¬†riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, copper and selenium. Mushrooms also have a unique flavor property called¬†umami, which naturally adds a savory flavor. It’s bio-active compounds are linked to improving ones immune system, and lowering the risk of common diseases.¬†Information found here¬†
  • Sweet potatoes¬†provide many benefits for our bodies, as well. They are rich in vitamins B6, D and C. Sweet potatoes also contain a great amount of magnesium and iron which supports immune system regulation, and promote blood, bone and heart functioning. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, and make a great addition to any savory¬†or¬†sweet dish0 at extremely affordable price.
  • Garlic¬†has been recognized as a superfood due to its extraordinary healing properties. Garlic is strong enough to destroy intestinal flora-which pharmaceutical drugs are used to destroy! Not only can garlic prevent cancer, but it can also¬†shrink¬†tumor sizes! Isn’t that amazing?! Like many of the other super foods listed, garlic is great for supporting and building a healthy immune system (keeping vampires away, too!) Garlic can even be used as a mucus regulator- its literally medicine grown straight from your backyard! You can read more about how to reap the full benefits of garlic¬†here
  • Gouda Cheese¬†is a very beneficial cheese! Gouda has more vitamin K2 than eggs and grass-fed butter. K2 is broken down into two soluble fat activators- A and D. These activators are high in age resisting properties and preventing degeneration diseases- perfect for healthy cell growth! K2 is a vitamin that can normally be very hard to obtain through the typical diet. It is found in many other hard cheeses, but the highest content is in gouda. It also contains 20% of your zinc intake, and 30% of your daily calcium need. Pretty neat, huh?


So get cooking! These potatoes are just screaming your name, aren’t they? ūüėČ

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I’d LOVE to know how they come out!



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