WIAW- I love Sweet Potatoes!

Yet anotherWhat I ate Wednesday, yaaay!

I’ve noticed something about my breakfast preferences… On weekends, when I wake up around 10:30am, I looooove to sit down and have a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast and fruits. Or something along those lines at least.
However, on school days, when I’m forcing myself to get up at 5:30am, its much more preferable to eat something sweet and easy to cook.
This is where my oats, cereals, parfaits and shakes come in 😛

This morning, I was feeling something with a crunch! Breakfast consisted of:
Protein cereal: Almond milk, vanilla protein powder, bananas, cinnamon, multigrain Cheerio’s, puffed millet and almonds

Delicious, and oh-so comforting in the morning when I’m half awake! 😛

This breakfast kept me full for a while, and my hunger didn’t start to kick in till around lunch

Mixed green turkey salad topped with sharp cheddar cheese and sliced almonds. Unpictured: Baby carrots and whole grain crackers

FYI, I just discovered how delicious it is to add natural sliced deli turkey to salads. DEFF doing this more often for a protein boost! 🙂
When I came home, I enjoyed my daily cup of coffee.
As odd as it sounds, during the school week I hate drinking my coffee so early in the morning! I much rather enjoy it after a long day of school work 😛
PS even though its not Christmas, I aways ALWAYS use my adorable snowflake mug :3

After doing copious amounts of homework, a dinner break sounded great!

Delicious stuffed sweet potatoes… Recipe coming to you soon 😉

This is an unbelievably delicious flavor combination on which I am excited to share! 🙂

Before bed, I had a refreshing bowl of Banana Protein Custard to re-fuel me after a challenging workout.




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