*Crafting Update*

I know a while ago in a slightly older post, I mentioned I picked up a new hobby…
That hobby being crafting-specifically with polymer clay!

I first discovered polymer clay in a local craft store as I aimlessly wandered around in attempts to find myself a new hobby not related to exercise/cooking. I first started with paints, sketchbooks and some jewelry making stuff.
While I enjoyed all of this, it wasn’t something that I could always turn to for entertainment.
If I wanted to draw or paint, I’d reaaaallllyyyyy have to be in the mood and focused!
Polymer clay caught my attention because the little bricks looked so colorful, cute and fun! (I’m a killer for that kind of stuff!)Polymer-Clay-Blog-300x300
But most of all… It’s extremely affordable!
Each brick (depending on brand) ranges from $1-$2.75!
I bought a few colors that appealed to me, googled some tutorials, and soon began to craft away!

SO now that you have a little background information on how my hobby started… Here are some of my newest creations!

Miniature kawaii apple, dinosaur, fox and carrot

Each charm takes me roughly 20-35 minutes to make, and an additional 20 minutes to paint and glaze.
Here are some close ups 🙂


Size comparison with my pinky! (Please excuse my disgusting winter nails :* thank you)




Happy apple

He seems to fit in very well with some of the fruits I made previously 😉


This picture above is a perfect example of my improvement overtime! The orange was the first one I made (hence the… odd face that was drawn on with a toothpick o.o) The grape I made sometime after, and attempted to use a sharpie for the face… Which didn’t end up so well either. The apple, my newest addition was painted with a fine-tip paint brush! 🙂


…Aaaannd here is my lonely little carrot. He isn’t anything special… Still cute though 😛

Last but not least!
My newest addition to my clay crafts has been liquid silicone. It adds an awesome texture and visual effect- mimicking that of cake frosting!

Cookie monster decoden miniature jar
(Cookie monster and cookies were created by me as well!)


He’s perfect for holding all my delicious cookie themed charms! How suitable, right?


If you would like a tutorial or list of materials on ANY of my charms, I would love to give one, or link you to a video if there is already one online!
Polymer clay is an AWESOME hobby and I definitely recommend looking into it, especially if you’re the crafty type!



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