WIAW… On Thursday

I really did plan on doing this post on Wednesday, I swear it.

But, we all get busy, don’t we?
Either way, you guys get all my glorious food pics anyway so what does it mater? 😛
*Insert hair flip emoji*

OH NO wait, I actually found it on google.
A little big, but it works!
Anyway, onwards to the eats!

Breakfast has been along the lines of the same thing for me for the past few days

DSCN2024Fluffy scrambled eggs,fruit salad, toast with jam, and a good old glass of OJ!

It’s very rare for me to be stuck on a savory breakfast, so I am definitely taking advantage of it! I think it’s mainly because  just discovered how to make fluffy scrambled eggs!
(Beating them previous to cooking)
Its like magic! 😀

DSCN2026 DSCN2032

After hanging around on the internet for a bit, I suddenly got struck with a chocolate craving 


DSCN2040 DSCN2037

Two Godiva truffles. Chocolate hazelnut and cookiedough

Mmmmm chocolate!
After a rather quick workout and shower, I was ready to chow down on lunch


Which if you can’t tell, I had trouble on decided what I wanted.
Coconut asparagus covered in tahini, dates and pumpkin seeds, grape tomatoes, actual grapes, sweet potatoes, salsa and crunchy black bean chips!

These things are DELICIOUS! I’ve been hooked on them for the past few weeks.


I’m the type of person that normally ALWAYS has to have something crunchy. For some reason, its very satisfying to me! 🙂

After [not] doing all of my homework, I busied myself with wasting more time on the internet putting things off that I had to do, and reading.
Eventually I brought myself to do some cleaning, and then uploaded pictures from my early-week adventures…

photo 1
Paintballing for the FIRST time ever with my amazing boyfriend 

photo 3

And also, some golfing. Note that I have no clue what I was doing 😀
Also note that I really need a hair cut.

Dinner eventually rolled around, and my amazinnnnng boyfriend offered to take me out to this Italian restaurant that we have both never been to.
(I apologize for the horrible lighting)

Whole wheat pasta in a decadent cream sauce with gorgonzola, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and various italian spices

This dish was SO amazing! The pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes are what really got my attention on the menu!
There were so many other things I wanted to try, such as their lasagna rollatini.
Next time, right? 😉
I only managed to finish half of this due to its tremendous size and surprising weight in my stomach (usually I can easily clear through pasta)
But of course, there is always room for dessert!
Especially if it includes chocolate!

Brownie sundae topped with fresh mint, whip cream, ripe strawberries, candied walnuts and chocolate syrup

It was to die for!
The brownie was so moist and rich that I wanted to eat it ten times over!
My boyfriend and I split it, even though I definitely could have polished off the whole thing, along with 10 others ;P
Just kidding!… Or am i?

That wraps up this weeks What I Ate Wednesday

What did you guys enjoy this week?
Tag me in your WIAW posts on instagram or on your blogs so I can see your posts too!


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