Valentines Day + Delicious, coconutty oats

Before I start… My Valentines day was perfect.


Roses are red, violets are blue…..

Yeah I don’t know where I was going with that.

DSCN1974 DSCN1967
These are definitely the most beautiful roses I have ever received.

As cliche as it sounds, roses really are one of my favorite flowers, next to tiger lilies and tulips.
Note: Roses are my cats favorite flower as well
I’m not even joking when I say he’ll “Stop to smell the flowers”…

….And maybe dab at them a bit, too.

DSCN1986 DSCN1987

Amongst the dozen roses, I also received…

Moonlight Kingdome x Howl’s Moving Castle (LOVE this movie!!!)


Mmm.. Chocoalte truffle coffee

And of course, what’s a Valentines day without…

Chocolate! 🙂

My boyfriend spoiled me. It made my homemade gift (Decorated mason candy jar + card) seem wimpy o.o
But he swears he loves it, and I believe him!

Valentines day is a favorite holiday of mine. Even though this is the first year I’ve had an actual Valentine (besides my dad, grandpa and brother), I’ve always loved the day because it was full of love and CHOCOLATE! 🙂 Hehe. I am a chocolate addict and proud!
Throughout the day between school, visiting my grandparents, my boyfriend, and some of his family, I ate copious amounts of sweets.
By the end of the day, I swore I was so sick of chocolate (like physically light headed from the sugar!) that I wouldn’t have to eat any for a week!
What did I do a few hours after breakfast?
….. Times three.

But previous to the chocolate, I had a new, delightful and delish breakfast to counteract all the goodies yesterday!

Refreshing Coconut Oats


Creamy, nutty, energizing and protein rich oats with a hint of sweetness


-3 T of liquid egg whites
-1/4 oat bran
-1/4cup of rolled oats
-1 cup of natural coconut nut water
– 1/4tsp vanilla extract
– 1 stevia packet
– Raisins, craisins, and honey/agave to top

(In a small pan on medium heat)

  1. Combine your oats and stevia.
  2. Add the coconut water, vanilla and eggwhites and cook the oats as you normally would
  3. mix constantly to prevent the egg whites from clumping together
  4. Allow to cool, then top with toppings and enjoy

DSCN1965 DSCN1958

I also added some apple pie spice 

The combinations of oats and oat bran provide a super smooth texture, while the egg whites make the oats fluffy and voluminous!
Also, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of replacing regular water/almond milk with coconut water in my oats!
It provided them with an amazing refreshing and naturally sweet taste!
You MUST try it!


What did you do on Valentines day?

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