Turkey Salad

Healthy Turkey Salad


Super creamy and protein packed, and not only is it protein packed, but full of SUPERFOODS too! 🙂
This Turkey Salad is a healthy swap for any “salad” that contains tons of mayo!
In this versatile recipe, hummus is used to provide a strong taste and creamy texture.
Perfect for stuffing pitas, making sandwiches, topping salads, or even eating straight out the jar!
The best part? It’s ready in less than 10mins!


-Handful of shredded kale
-1/4 of a diced onion
– Carrots, peeled and some chopped
-1/2 of a small /medium red pepper, chopped
-Handfull of halved grape tomatoes
-1 tablespoon of raw sunflower seeds
-1/4 cup of hummus (I used 2T hummus, 2T of kale yogurt dip this time)
-2/3cup cubed skinless turkey breast
– Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Combine all of your ingredients in a large bowl, combine, and you’re done :O

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Superfood spotlight: TURKEY


          Yes, believe it or not, turkey is considered a superfood. When you hear the word superfood, you instantly think of nutrient packed greens, or berries with rich antioxidants. Superfood’s are NOT limited to these categories. Turkey is considered a superfood due to its:

  • High protein
  • Low-fat
  • Vitamins

Turkey is rich in vitamin B3, B5, B6, iron, and zinc. Turkey’s high protein content helps balance your blood-sugar concentration, and controls appetite.

Turkey meat is also one of the cheapest leanest meats out there. Not only is the white meat healthy, but the DARK meat has health benefits as well! The white meat section of turkey has a lower fat content, however the brown meat can actually increase your metabolism, and is very satisfying.

Many people seem to ignore, or not even notice the many benefits of turkey! 🙂 The two of my favorite benefits are:

  1. Turkey contains the neurotransmitter serotonin, which effects your mood AND appetite all together
  2. Turkey’s natural right source of zinc is what creates the serotonin, and serotonin not only helps with mood but effects our sleep, learning and awareness, plenty nervous system functions.

Eat up! 🙂



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