Thankful for Recovery


There are sooo many things I am thankful for…

  • My parents
  • My friends
  • The roof over my head
  • The clothes in my closet
  • A warm bed to sleep  in…

But this post… This post, I am focusing on why I am thankful of my recovery.
We all know that recovery is a challenging journey for all people.
Wether its recovery from an eating disorder, binge drinking, smoking, or depression, recovery is hard. It’s a mental challenge that we are all pushed to face every day.
But, I also feel its so important to highlight the important aspects of recoveries- something thats not the struggles, the hardships, the negativity…

To focus on all the positive that comes out of your hard work as you battle the voice in your head,
the rewards from all your efforts, and to just generally thank life.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…

…. The ability to freely attend social events, and spend more time with my friends.


Having the strength to peruse my passion….


The ability to welcome back some of my favorite treats…


To  go to late night get togethers with my girls anxiety-free…


To bake delicious treats for my friends and family without fear…


To enjoy and participate in precious, family celebrations…


To be able to step outside my comfort zone and go on vacations…


To be a part of a team…


…. And the ability to wake up every morning, and appreciate the fact that I am alive and well. To get out of bed with a refreshed mind, knowing that i’ts a new day– that yesterday is in the past.
To appreciate the world around me, and my life…

…Because recovery is leaving me eager for more.

IMG_6654 IMG_6511 IMG_4702

What are you thankful for in your recovery?

Enter in my new “Thankful for…” giveaway.

Rules of the giveaway

1. Must be following my IG account (@_Workforit)
2. Must be within the USA (Sorry international followers! D:)
3. Repost the picture and use the hashtag #workforit2
4. For the caption, post a what you are thankful about in your recovery OR any kind of struggle you faced and how you overcame it


Winner shall receive:

80 packets of assorted, flavored tea ( Apple, jasmine, green, chai, act…)
1 jar of pb&co peanut butter (flavor of your choice)


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