Marjorie! Where ARE you?!


Yes… I have vanished again. I apologize, I really do.


Insert caption “I’m sorry.”

          While I know I have been a little absent in the blogging world, I can assure you all I am still very active on my Instagram account (@_Workforit) Posting almost daily. Not only have I been busy with my senior year (college application process and SAT’s… not fun) but have also been working very hard in my recovery.

So, to answer the very popular kik messages of “what happened to your blog” heres a little bit of the answer…



I’ve been out and about, thats for sure!
Recently, as you can see, I was able to pick up horseback riding again…

…And I couldn’t be happier.


Being back in the saddle again truly makes happy. Equestrian riding has been my therapy since I was 6 years old and it feels so good to be back!


Enjoying School festivities…

IMG_9239 IMG_9156 IMG_9137

Taking new, challenging classes….

(AP Bio wooohoo!!)

IMG_9583 IMG_9016 IMG_8729

I honestly do enjoy playing with bugs. No, they aren’t gross. 🙂

And generally embracing “Balance”

IMG_9495 IMG_9645

Thoroughly enjoying this new “Grey area” I’ve been working on instead of everything being so “Black and White”

      As I’ve stated earlier, I am still active on my Instagram account. Once the majority of my school work and applications are completed, I plan on blogging much more once again. Of course, I have plenty of recipes in mind to try out and test soon 🙂 So stay tuned!
For now, enjoy a few awesome blogs~

P.S. I am still very much available through my KIK messages- Inbox me @ _Workforit



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