Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal

photo 2

Craving cookies in the morning? (It happens)
Craving+ cured! With a secret ingredient too…



Never would have guessed it, huh?! Well, if you did, then kudos to you 😛


– 1/2c oat bran
– 1c + 1/4c of water
– 1/3c rinsed chickpeas
– 2 teaspoons of PB
– Extra tablespoon of oat bran
– Almond milk to desired constancy
– Stevia to taste
– Chocolate chips (as many as you wish!!)

1. Cook your oats in the water .
2. While your oats are cooking, in a food processor , blend your chickpeas, stevia, PB , extra oat bran, and almond milk together
3.  Once blended, scoop out and fold in chocolate chips.
4. When your oats are done, allow them to cool.
5. Mix half of the “cookie dough” mixture into your oatmeal, and then use the other half to top.
6. Top with more chocolate chips! 🙂

….Because you can never have too many chocolate chips.

Super quick post, but I hope you enjoy!
Remember to tag #sweeteatreat on IG if you borrow my recipe ❤

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