7- Seed Crusted Chicken with Coconut Asparagus

Hello again guys!

While I was innocently browsing one of my favorite stores, Home Goods, I came across this amazing spice/seed blend. Take a look!

photo 5

As soon as I saw it, the recipe ideas began to bubble up. My aunt introduced me to this amazing product. She used one of the spice blends to season her tuna steaks. So when I saw this, I thought this blend would be perfect to season chicken breast with instead of the traditional breading.
These blends are my absolute favorite, and the natural ingredients are a massive plus.
They can be purchased here  if you are interested! Soon I will be placing an order, cause for me, these little gems are hard to find!
If you do not wish to purchase, you can easily create a mix similar. 
Just mix a variety of seeds (poppy, sesame, flax ect… and some garlic and onion powder with sea salt!)

Anyway, on with this delicious recipe…

7-Seed Crusted Chicken with Coconut Asparagus

photo 3


– All natural, removed fat chicken breasts of your choice & size
– 7-seed crust blend (or your blend)
– 2-3T (or more depending on how much chicken) of olive oil
– Fresh asparagus (remember to wash thoroughly! Cut & remove ends)
– 2-3T coconut oil (depending on how much asparagus)
– Salt and pepper
– Fresh lemon

1. Preheat your oven to 375 F.
2. Take out a large casserole, or baking pan for the chicken. Grease with olive oil, or non stick spray.
3. Wash your chicken breasts thoroughly, removing any excess fat if there is.
4. Take out a small bowl, and two large plates. In the bowl, pour in your olive oil. On one plate, pile on your chicken breasts. On the other, dump out some of the seed mixture. Make sure its enough that it covers your plate!
5. Brush your chicken breasts with olive oil. This is CRUCIAL. If you don’t, the crust won’t stick, nor will it get that crunchy delicious texture. Your chicken will also be a bit dry.
6. Using a fork, pick up a breast and gently place it in the crust mixture. Coat each side.
7. Place in casserole dish, and repeat until all breasts are coated.
8. Place in the oven and cook for 40-45 mins. I check my chicken every 20mins to keep an eye on it.
9. Once finish, squeeze fresh lemon all over the top.

For instructions on how to cook the coconut asparagus, click here

photo 4

If you make one of my recipes and follow my instagram, PLEASE tags me and use the hashtag #sweeteatreat
I’d love to see your marvelous creations!

Thankyou ❤


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