Start of a New Month

The start of a new month provides us all with that oh-so familiar refreshed feeling, right?
Just like the start of a new week (cause everything starts on Monday, right?)
Or the start of a new day.
What is it about new beginnings that are so motivational? 😛

Anyway, with each new and upcoming month, most of us (myself included) come up with a new set of short term goals that we can hopefully achieve throughout the month. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I usually end up creating this list, and only working towards in the first two weeks of the month….
Then kind of forget about it, and create an (almost) identical list the next month :3
With that said, lets check up on my July goals…


1. No more excess snacking unless I’m truly hungry
HAH. No, this didn’t happen. Especially since my dad started to buy jars of the bulk sized mixed nuts. Oops ;D No harm done though! On the other hand, I have been practicing intuitive eating for the most part and am loving the fact that I’m actually getting better at listening to my body.

2. Workout 3x a week and remain active the rest of the days
I tried very hard to complete this goal, I really did. But exercising 3x a week only was very hard for me. My disordered side still has a firm grasp on that side of me, as I feel that I have to out rule everything with exercise. I’ve been working on it though 🙂 Progress is progress! I went from working out 7 days a week with brutal, 2 hour workouts to 4-5x a week, and only for 45mins. So, I’d say thats improvement.

3. Nourish myself and eat proper meals
I can actually say I’ve really made progress with this goal. If I’m hungry, I respect my body’s signal for fuel and feed myself. Whereas in the past, if I were to be hungry and hour after a meal, I would refuse to eat because it was too “early” and completely ignore my body!

4. Stay hydrated!
Check! I’ve been drinking a ton more water in this summer heat 🙂 yay!

5. Eat more colors
Still a work in progress.. All my foods tend to look very bland (bananas, granola, yogurt/cottage cheese, peanut butters) lol, that doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy 😉 I’ve deff increased my fruit and veggie intake over the month. Believe it or not, the other day I got a craving for steamed broccoli. ;P

6. Balance! Enjoy things in moderation whenever I want- be mindful. NO restricting.
YES! I have completed this goal! Throughout the month I learned that treating myself multiple times won’t kill me. I firmly believe that there should be a fair balance in our lives, and that nothing should be restricted. I’ve also learned that every opportunity I have to go out and face a disorder fear is a chance for me to practice my control and mindfulness, whereas before I would be even too afraid to do that. 🙂

7. Get a proper amount of sleep
I really do try with this one. Sometimes no matter how much or how little sleep I get, I still feel exhausted. Sometimes my body naturally wakes up at 8:30am even if I went to bed super late the previous day, leaving me feeling like an old sack of bones!! But, I have been getting better at putting my phone down and away before bed ;P (C’mon, like you all don’t spend an extra 20mins BS’ing on your phones in bed)

8. Stop comparing myself, criticizing myself and obsessing over the #’s on the scale & calories
Of course, this has been a much harder goal for me. I will admit, I have gotten better when it comes to comparing myself to others. I respect the fact that we all have different shapes and body types, and that I could never look like someone else. I’ve also realized that, why would I want to look like someone else? Then I wouldn’t be me… But my own self criticism can be harsh, and thats something I need to fix. I’m my worst critic, and feel like I can always be a better version of myself. In reality, we are all just perfect the way we are.

Now for August I don’t have any specific goals, but to just keep doing what I’m doing. Whatever I’m doing, it must be right, because when I look back at my recovery journey, I’ve come such a long way. I’m so close to where I want to be, and so close to living that balanced lifestyle that I strive for 🙂
I just have to keep fighting.

What are your goals? Did you achieve any of your previous goals?


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