Teriyaki Tofu with Coconut Asparagus

Hey guys! ❤

Decided to do some experimenting in the kitchen tonight since I finally had the time to. Not to mention, I was way more in the mood to 😛
Every Saturday my dad and I have made it a tradition to visit a farmers market. Preferably a new one each week. Sometimes we will revisit our favorite ones.
I loove all the awesome organic, home grown and natural finds there! I’ll have to do another post with one of my farmer market hauls, yeah? 😉
On Saturday, I disocovered an awesome new product- all natural Teriyaki sauce!
I know! So cool! I almost didn’t get it too, but I’m so glad I did, and I WILL be getting it again! ❤

photo 3 photo 4

Not only are they delicious, but they come in adorable little jars too :3
Wanna know whats sweet? When I was chatting with the man who created this sauce, he was telling my that they are named after his children. So, “Taste of Aja” [Asia] is actually one of his kids. How suiting too! Aja, teriyaki! SO cute!
I love that he was also able to tell me how he creates these in his very own kitchen- the corn syrup and sugar are very trace. The sauce is mainly made up of vinegar and soy sauce.

So, with all of that said, I created an awesome asian(ish) dish for the family!

photo 1

Teriyaki Tofu with Coconut Asparagus


-1 tablespoon of coconut oil
-1 bunch of fresh asparagus
-2 small cases of Trader Joe silk tofu (or any tofu)
-1/3 jar of teriyaki sauce/whatever teriyaki sauce you wish to use
-Flax seeds
-Sriracha for garnish


-Cut your asparagus and remove ends
-Place in a large sautee pan with the 1T of coconut oil
-Allow the asparagus to cook (covered) with the oil for about 8-10mins, mixing occasionally on medium heat (I had it on 4)
-While the asparagus is cooking, prepare your tofu. I usually cube mine, but it can really be done any way
-Add your tofu and sauce
-Mix well and let cook for about 5-7minuets
-Allow to cool, and serve on a bed of brown rice, or spinach, or even quinoa! Topped with flax and quinoa.

Enjoy! ❤

It may be a little bit high in sodium due to the soy sauce, BUT thats why I drink tons of water ;D

photo 2


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