Orange Cream Latte

 There are no bananas left in my house.
This makes me very sad.
The reason why theres no bananas left?… Well, you’ll find out in another recipe post 😉

For now, I’m leaving you with a simple coffee recipe I whip up almost every morning to make them that much more enjoyable.

A delicious mug of warm, frothy, creamy coffee…

photo 1

((sorry for the bad lighting in these pics))

But to me, there is nothing more relaxing than a nice cup of coffee early in the morning.
I love to enjoy my coffees in the beautiful morning sunlight. Nothing is more peaceful and it puts me in a glorious mood ❤

That, and this is incredibly easy to make. Cause you all should know- I’m incredibly dysfunctional in the morning.

You will need:
-Vanilla almond milk
-Orange extract
-Coffee (duh)
-Packet of stevia
– Vanilla creamer (optional- I like to use all natural creamers!)
-A frother

Pour a bit of almond milk in your mug, and froth it. If you don’t own a frother, then simply mix it in with your coffee.
Add your coffee and stevia and mix.
Add about 1/8tsp-1/4tsp of extract and stir. A little goes a long way- so for a very slight orangey taste use 1/8th. I usually go with 1/4th.

Ta-da! There you have it

photo 3

Sprinkling some cinnamon on top really adds to the delicious factor ;D



photo 2


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