Vanilla Cream Mugcake


Guess what?! School. Exams. 100% complete. Finished! Doonneeee.
I’m so happy, you guys have no clue. I’ve been in this kinda mood for the past month now
photo 1

And now I finally feel like I can breath!!! Gosh it is so refreshing to actually relax!
(Btw am I the only one who found this extremely humoring?)
I’ve already found time to get a really nice long boarding session in as well. It feels so great to finally get out and do fun things instead of studying and stressing.


((Awkward sweaty and disgusting picture of me after 2 hours of skating… But I stiiiill kinda like it))
C’mon. Don’t act like there aren’t “bad” pictures of yourself that you actually like.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post….

photo 1-1

…And there it is… The best mug cake to ever come out of one of my mugs.
It had the perfect texture, and tastes so much like a delicious dessert cake.
This cake is full of:
-Whole grains
-Healthy fats (from shredded coconut and coconut butter)
-Fiber (3.5g)
-Protein (5g)

It is:
-Super duper low sodium
-Low in sugar
-Low calorie (Not that I care, but I know some of you may count)
-110% delicious

photo 2-1

And not to mention, its delicious cream filled center…
photo 3-1

I know, I know. Its beautiful ;D Just wait until you try how delicious it is!!

Vanilla Cream Mugcake

-1/4 cup of spelt flour
-1/4tsp baking powder
-Small pinch of salt
-1/8tsp baking soda
-2 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk
-1/4c unsweetened apple sauce
-1 tablespoon of stevia (I used Truvia)
-1/2tablespoon coconut sugar*
-1/4tsp vanilla extract
-1 tablespoon of shredded coconut*

– 1 tablespoon of FF whip cream, or regular whip cream (C’mon, a little bit won’t kill you. Have some fun ;P )
-1 tsp melted coconut butter/spread
-Drizzle of Walden Farm’s chocolate sauce, OR make your own sauce by combining cocoa powder, stevia and almond milk
-Pinch of shredded coconut to garnish

*If you don’t have coconut sugar, you can use just 1.5 tablespoons of stevia/whatever sugar you prefer
*You do not have to include shredded coconut in the cake. I just did because I like it :3


-Simply mix your main ingredients in a greased mug, and microwave for about 1min and 15-20 seconds. Some microwaves may take longer than others.
-Once its done cooking, allow your mugcake to cool IN the mug for a few minuets (if you try to remove it, it may fall apart)
-While your mugcake is cooling, microwave your coconut butter for about 10-15seconds, or until its melted down.
-Flip mug over to remove cake. If it is stuck, scrape around it with a knife or fork to help loosen it.
-With a cupcake corer, or any other cooking utensil, core out some of the mugcake (go as deep as you want)
-Fill the center with whip cream.
-Drizzle coconut butter over the top, as well as your chocolate sauce


photo 4



If you use one of my recipes, and post a picture to instagram, please tag my account (@workforit) and hashtag #sweeteatreat so I can see your beautiful creations and give you a shootout! xoxo
Thank you, and enjoy!!


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