Creamy Yogurt Green Smoothie

Hey guys!

Just  super quick post here. Now I mean super quick.
Now that the nicer weather has rolled around, I’ve been a big fan of drinking my greens (since I don’t freeze after consuming it now lol)
I always wanted to incorporate more protein into my smoothies too so they would hold me over longer. Of course, I tried protein powders… But sometimes, I’m just not a fan of the grainy texture, or odd taste they leave behind.

So, I threw some Greek yogurt in.
…. It was perfect! It added a decent amount of protein along with a rich, creamy texture.



– 2 handfuls of spinach
– 1 frozen banana
– 1/2c almond milk
– 1/2c coconut milk
– 1/2c greek yogurt
– 1/4c frozen peaches or other fruit
– Ice if preferred

Blend everything together, and enjoy 🙂 Cannot begin to explain how much I loved this one!




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