Today, a gorgeous feeling swept over me. One that I haven’t felt in such a long time because my mind has been so occupied.

Now, I’m not talking about a simple feeling like “love” or “happiness” But just…

IMG_3349 IMG_3334

As I took my dog for a casual stroll today, I realized how beautiful the natural world is during spring time, especially after a heavy rain.
The air carried a certain dampness, accompanied by golden rays of sunlight that peeked out from behind the grey rain clouds…


Everything was beautiful and in bloom.
It made me stand back for a minuet and absorb everything- that beautiful, gorgeous, colorful life is everywhere

IMG_3332 IMG_3339 IMG_3337

And sometimes, its these very things that we miss. These things that are around us daily, and that we are usually too busy to sit down and take in…
To sit down and appreciate.


I even appreciated the extremely long wait for my dog to finish sniffing around before deciding wether he was going to pee or not


Once I got home, I took the time to take in all the beautiful scenes around me.

From my blooming strawberry plants, to my small little herb garden…

IMG_3342 IMG_3341

I really do enjoy bringing some life into my ‘world’. I find it amazing how something so small can bloom into something so glorious



Okay, I am a bit tongue tied for this post. What I’m getting at here is that life is beautiful, and there are so many little things we often forget to observe and appreciate.

From that pesky weed trying to grow in-between the cracks…


…To the little bugs (or whatever this thing is) hiding in the shade


And as for those pesky weeds, I usually feel too guilty ripping them out, so I just leave them.
Or maybe I’m too lazy.
… Or maybe its just both.


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