Hello lovies!
Today has been so dedicated to my blog. I’m sorry for neglecting it for so long, yet its not 100% my fault…
You can blame school.
I blame school for everything 😀

The weather on the other had, has in general been MUCH nicer. Winter is officially over! But now, I have to deal with the sunny one minuet, down pouring the next minuet kind of weather…


Completely necessary meme, right? ;D I’m sorry, I had to.

Anyway, back on to the topic of today- What I ate Wednesday!

This morning, I enjoyed a delicious bowl of my strawberry honey oats….


When I say delicious, I really mean delicious.

My morning snack was pretty simple as well…


Peppermint green smoothie (scroll through IG for recipe) topped with lots of cinnamon

Green smoothies are so refreshing and energizing! They are one of my favorite things to have mid-morning 🙂

Lunch has been pretty frequent for me the past few days.


Spinach and arugula salad with chopped strawberries, walnuts, golden raisins and coconut vinegar
I munched through all these delicious greens before reaching my favorite part of just about all salads…


All the goodies that gather on the bottom 😛 Does anyone else think this is the best part of having a salad, or is it just me?!

PS… How friggen cute is my new portable silverware set?!


$1 at Target, holllaaaaa ;D
I can spend hours, and a good amount of money on all the little knick-knacks at Target’s dollar section hehe.

Once I got home from school, I took a much needed nap. As in like, a whole hour. I normally don’t nap because I always feel guilty doing so. I feel like I could be doing something so much more productive in the mean time. But if you’re tired, your body is telling you something.
Take a break, unwind, and nap.
I felt 20x better once I woke up, and actually got my homework done much faster than I would have if I were sleepy, and dragging ass 🙂

My sweet tooth eventually kicked in as I threw together a delicious afternoon snack….


Cottage cheese, berry granola, melted chocolate chips and strawberries (Hm… Guess I’ve been craving strawberries today?)

This was my first time ever melting chocolate in the microwave. I always avoided it because I seen it as SO much work and mess. But, its actually not that bad now that I’ve tried it! My mind already started forming delicious little snack recipes now with the new open doors of opportunity… Muhahaha >:)

While I was out and about preparing for my orchestra concert, my dad made a delicious healthy dinner for the whole family to enjoy.
Now when I say delicious, I really mean it.
My dads one of those cooks than an cook really good, but its SO rare. And once he cooks something well, changes of him making it again that good are close to 0%
I appreciate any cooking though, so thanks daddy!!


Tilapia fillets baked with whole wheat bread crumbs, sliced almonds and raisins…


Blurry pic woo! (y) Broccoli rabe steamed and sautéed in olive oil, with garlic cloves
And steamed brussel sprouts on the side.
It really was a marvelous spread


And I may or may not have had a bit of extra tilapia… It was so flavorful! I couldn’t resist!!


And that concludes today! What did YOU eat today?!



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