Ohhh how this school year needs to end! The stress is killing me! Mentally, and physically.  Its even starting to take a toll on my skin (ew, acne!)
I only break out from stress when I’m under insane amounts of it, because for the most part I am pretty good at managing my stress…
But recently, its been much harder.

Of course, silly me forgot it was Wednesday. Since all my exams are coming up, I haven’t even been seeing it as days, but just more so dates.
Instead of Wednesday, May 1st, its just May 1st.
Completely forgot about the Wednesday part.

Before I kick off my WIAW post, I’d like to start with some monthly thoughts for me too keep in mind.
Do you guys always start your months off with new goals or little reminders?
Sounds corny, I know, but I often keep little positive reminders and notes on my phone.
It helps keep my head in a better place 🙂

May Thoughts

Cheat days? Psh. There shall be no more cheat days for me. What am I cheating on anyway? I’m not doing a n y thing wrong with treating myself, and enjoying some of my favorite sweets whenever my cravings call for it!
– Speaking of cravings, I really want to work on honoring and acknowledging them more
– Challenge myself a bit more here and there and to step out of my comfort zone more

Those are just a few off the top of my head. I really feel that honoring your cravings is very important. I don’t know about you guys, but if I want chocolate and completely ignore the fact that I do, the next time I “allow” myself to have chocolate, I end up eating WAY more of it than I originally would have. A craving ignored just makes it worse down the road.

Alright, enough of my silly rambling. Now onto the eats

Breakfast was a bit different for me. Instead of sweet and carby, I went for something protein packed and savory…


A multi grain english muffin with roasted red peppers, and a scrambled egg…

Every bite was delicious. Next time, I’m definitely throwing a couple strips of turkey bacon on this baby.

Of course, my sweet tooth started to kick in, and kind of stuck around for the rest of the day. I packed an extra sweet morning snack today, and boy. Was it g o o d


Baked banana with walnuts, raisins and a drizzle of honey.
(If you haven’t baked a banana before, I highly suggest you do. So good! Just pop it in with toppings at 350 for about 10 minuets!)
Although, kids did kind of give me strange looks for whipping out a charcoal black banana filled with yumminess.

Anyway, my lunch was a little bit lighter, and very delicious


Protein shake, with a side salad (forgot to take a picture before chowing down!)

After school, my friends and I made our way to the library to get some studying in, and to also work on our boat loads of homework.
Seriously, the amount of homework I have is ridiculous.
I packed a perfect little pick me up, that would make me happy any time of the day.
(Oops- ate it before the pic! 😛 )


Banana and an individual peanut butter packet
Okay so while I was at my big orchestra trip last week, the hotel we stayed at had tons of little single serving PB packets.
Of course, I took a great deal of them with me hehe.
No shame!

Once I returned home, I whipped up a quick snack to shovel down my throat before I went out (AGAIN) to babysit two little devil children


Greek yogurt, granola, grapes and strawberry sauce

This was the BOMB. I’d eat it over and over again!

By the time I got home from babysitting, I was completely exhausted. The thought of having to do even more homework son didn’t help me feel much more energized either. So, lack of wanting to cook + the need for comfort food =…


Trader Joe’s creamy tomato soup (REALLY recommend this!! They even have a low-sodium version for you sodium conscious bloggers! 😉 ) Topped with a quick handful of shredded veggie cheese… which quickly melted and made an ooey-gooey cheesy tomato soup… And it was great!

And I hate to cut this post short, but I’m still exhausted. So I’m gonna shimmy into bed and get a (hopefully) good nights sleep!

What did you eat today? 🙂


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