Happy Wednesday!
The official halfway point of the week!
…And this one seriously needs to end. For some reason I am just so exhausted both mentally, and physically!
Todays day was full of some delicious eats though thats for sure! It was even accompanied by some gorgeous sunlight once again (although its thundering and pouring currently)
Although, sometimes I find the pitter of rain and crash of thunder somewhat comforting
Other times, I’m cowering under my sheets, hehe.

Anyway, breakfast this morning was a renewed version of my everyday oatmeal…

Creamy, buttery, coconut oats with agave, coconut butter, banana, and shredded coconut

Mmmm it was so good! I didn’t think adding a little bit of coconut butter could make such a creamy and delicious difference!
I have some plans to improve this delicious bowl of coconutty goodness, so stay tuned!

My snack was a little something to keep me running through the school day, up until lunch period.
IMG_2532 IMG_2533

For the most part, I am terrified of eating most/any types of bar. The one bar I am comfortable with (Quest Bar) my stomach doesn’t agree with so much. But, I am fighting hard to tackle my fear of packaged/processed bars.
Truth is, all processed foods aren’t spawn of the devil…
I’ve been eating a bar everyday for the last month now. Although I still get some anxiety from them here and there, I’m still alive and well so HA! Take that ED.

My lunch was my typical, go-to, easy to pack lunch

mixed greens, craisins, croutons and walnuts

Accompanied with the perfect snacks


And a heaping bag of baby carrots and tomatoes.


After school and my MUCH needed downtime, I geared up for a nice workout.
According to my nutritionist, I can only workout 3x a week (blah) So I savor those three days as MUCH as I can.
I did some strength training, then took advantage of the sunny weather while it was still here and went on an incredible 2.8mile jog/walk!

So, quick story for ya today…

          After warming up with some walking, I finally broke into a jog. You know how sometimes the first few minuets of your jog can be the hardest? I don’t know about you guys but it takes me a couple minuets to fall into the moment. To get to that state where the only thing you feel is your heart throbbing against your chest, and the only thing you hear is your feet pounding down on the pavement,  despite the fact that you may have pandora on full blast. ANYWAY… Finally, I was falling into that state. Once I’m in it, its hard to get out. I can run for miles if properly fueled. Slowly, I began to drift into my runners world… When suddenly, a car passed by my and the passenger rolled down his window and screamed SO LOUD he completely broke my ‘trance’. Not only that, but he scared the buh-jeezus out of me, causing me to jump a bit and almost drop my phone. Everyone in the car immediately burst out into laughter and started clapping their hands like demented seals. They were happy.

Eventually I fell back into my trance, but the whole situation was a bit odd.
What it comes down to though is that I would much rather have a bunch of teens get a good laugh out of me, rather than some creepy oldman stopping to try and talk to me.

After my workout/run, my stomach was feeling the need for a good snack…
And whats better than nut butters?
…Uhm, nothing.
Maybe chocolate, but for the most part, nothing.
I’m sure plenty of you can agree with me there, right?

Whole grain rice cakes, white chocolate PB, almond butter, and organic amber honey

Mmmm… Behold the deliciousness of a snack so simple, yet so perfect…


My snack was followed up by an amazing dinner after a nice shower, and couple hours dedicated to homework (Yeah… homework.)


And a tad bit of cottage cheese…
My favorite way to eat it: Straight from the jar


Yay for me today, too! I faced a major fear food of mine!
For a while now, avocados were always a big problem for me.
What?! Avocados… Why?!
I’m perfectly aware of all the amazing health benefits avocado provides, and I’ve read up on them multiple times trying to convince myself they were a-okay to eat…
But my ED constantly ruled them out. Although they are filled with (lots of) good fats, they are relatively dense in calories, and that always scared me.
But, today I decided to jump on that fear! Hoorah!
That, and my avocados are about to go bad 🙂 hahaha!

That sums up my WIAW for the most part!

Hopefully I’ll have room for a dessert ❤

What did you eat today?



2 thoughts on “WIAW #3

  1. People used to do that to me all the time when I was out running or skating. I’ve also had ice, soda cans and other garbage thrown at me, coke dumped on me from a moving car and been spit on (more than once). I’m glad you’re alright!

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