Spring dresses & Sunlight

This warm weather makes me happier than a…
Happier than an adorable bunny with a oversized carrot!

Tomorrow its supposed to rain though, so it’ll be more like…


Anyway, today mother nature decided to shower down gorgeous sunlight. It reached about eighty today and it was just lovely.
I feel like winter this year was 2x longer than it ever was.
And if you’re from NY like me, you should know that when winter comes around, the sun disappears almost completely until spring.
Might as well just hibernate…

Anyway, not only did I start my day out with a delicious breakfast…


Irish oats, vanilla agave nectar, craisins, shredded coconut, fruit jelly and coconut sugar

… But loved my outfit too. I welcomed the gorgeous weather with open arms, bearing my first spring dress!

IMG_2467 IMG_2465 IMG_2469
Navy dress, long cardigan, fringe boots, braided waist belt

Completely in love with this color combination.
Not only did I feel super cute in this outfit, but it was perfect for the weather! I felt so cute, flirty and free in this outfit
Not to mention, I finally found something perfect to wear with the handcrafted necklace my father bought my on his trip to Florida


I just so happened to have other accessories to compliment it perfectly ;D

So heres the outfit breakdown:
Navy dress with waist belt- JCP
Brown Cardigan- F21
Boots- Khols
Earrings and braceletes- Clairs & Lulu’s
Necklace- Some very talented lady in Florida ;P

When I came home, I wanted to do nothing more but relax and soak up the beautiful sunlight. So, thats exactly what I did. I bathed in the delightful rays, and enjoyed a nice journaling session. I love to write~ It calms me, entertains me, and helps me remember the good in my day. I write about anything! Short stories, dreams, poetry, thoughts, reflections- you name it. I would bring a notebook for personal thoughts with me everywhere if I could, but I’m too terrified of losing it and someone finding it… Even if no one does, my mind will always wonder.


Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy this weather for an hour or so. Then, I spent the rest of this perfect day cooped up in my nutritionist’s office.
Yaaaaay for wasting beautiful days! T_T

At least dinner made my day much better…

Rosmary tofu, spicy quinoa and clementines on a bed of spinach
Mmm, delicious balance of spice, with a nice tang!
Even my parents enjoyed this, woohoo!

I hate to cut this post short, leaving it relatively blah, but I’m a hungry girl that needs some greek yogurt right about now.
Sooo, with that being said,
have an amazing night, and enjoy whatever nice weather thats coming your way!




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