What I Ate Wednesday #2

Hey there guys! Its what I ate Wednesday numero DOS!
I took three years of spanish, and still only know how to say basic greetings and numbers. Haha!
Cant even laugh at myself because my face mask is hardening too much

Before I get into the delicious eats from today, I wanted to share a little bit of last night.
My  girls and I made these AWESOME diy bird-nest necklaces.
IMG_2106 IMG_2099 IMG_2107
How cute are they?!
Can’t wait to make them again, except with more wire next time. Each one is unique with the different beads and I’m actually quite proud of myself. I usually have no patience for crafts cause I always somehow screw up.
….Guess I’m gonna have to give crafts a second chance! Hehe
Okay, back to the eats!


IMG_2117 IMG_2119
Breakfast was a delicious bowl of carby-goodness. I could eat this all day, except for the fact that its rather difficult for me to comfortably eat breakfast things for dinner 😛
Cottage cheese, cinnamon apple sauce, kasha cinnamon harvest, banana, shredded coconut and a perfect drizzle of vanilla agave.
Breakfast couldn’t be anymore perfect 😀

If theres one thing I love (besides peanut butter and chocolate) its cottage cheese. I don’t know if its bad how much I love it, or if its considered ‘dangerous’ to have it in the house. I can clear a whole pound of cottage cheese in at least two days.
Heck I could clear it in one sitting if I wanted to.
And I don’t care.

After I took advantage of the weather and went for a nice jog, I returned home with a sliiiightlyyy grumbling stomach, so I reached for one of these.

IMG_2123 IMG_2124
They are so good! Made from nothing else but figs.
They taste like the inside of a fig newton bar!


And sadly, that was my last one. Boohoo 😦

Eventually, my appetite came on full blast as I prepped a delicious lunch…
IMG_2129 IMG_2130
Turkey wrap with garlic & herb cheese, small side salad with craisins and walnuts, and some good old baby carrots and a clementine!
I must be on some sort of a protein kick today. I’ve been inhaling cottage cheese and gobbling down turkey! Nomnomnom.

…And then of course, theres ALWAYS room for peanut butter.
No if, ands or buts!!

Two whole grain rice cakes topped with white chocolate peanut butter, and extra crunchy peanut butter.
The hardest decision of my day today was deciding on what kind of peanut butter I wanted… Then it hit me.
Just have some of both. Duh.

Sometimes hunger takes away my ability to think.




I’ve got to admit- I am a big salad lover. THANKFULLY! Salads are where the majority of my greens come in. I love spring mixes, and spinach. Yumm!
Tonights salad was leaning a little bit on the sweet side.
Filled it with clementine pieces, sliced almonds, sun dried tomatoes, greek yogurt,  whole grain croutons and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.. With a generous about of turkey breast on the side.
To my surprise, my brother even jumped on the healthy boat tonight, and put together a delicious salad!


He used veggie cheese, croutons, chicken and a drizzle of olive oil. Hooray for my unhealthy brother eating healthy! 😀
Much applause, much applause.

Now, the worst part of my day (besides having a majorly bad hair day) was the fact that I feel so full.
It’s been two hours and I stillllll feel full.
I hate being too full at night, because then theres no room for a delicious healthy snack (that I still might eat anyway) if my taste buds tempt me enough 😛

So all in all, today was a delicious day ❤


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