Retail Therapy & Today’s Outfit

Ohh spring, how you need to come faster!

…Much, much faster.
Its still so cold and disgusting outside. Yes, there is sunshine at least. But its fooling us all! 😦
There’s still blistering winds and cold frosty mornings, with some sunshine thrown in there.
Welp,  I guess its better than snow, right?

          As you all may or may not know, I love fashion. I wear whatever I please to express myself, compliment my mood, or whatever I just feel like wearing. I don’t have any specific styles in general that I follow, because I like to feel free in the world of fashion. 🙂 Most times I’m a budget shopper (Helloooo Forever 21!) But today, just wasn’t one of those days thanks to the excess cash I received from my Birthday not too long ago (y)
Today’s Outfit

 IMG_1850 IMG_1851
Navy & White striped A&F shirt, black jeans, navy knee-highs and my fav boots!

Please excuse the crappy lighting. My dad can’t take a picture for his life. With his eyesight, I’m surprised he can even see the camera button, haha!

Of course, I love the little details too. I love dressing up my outfits with cute matching earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, ect. I feel they really complete and compliment an outfit.



I looove angel wings!! This gorgeous necklace was a gift from my father on Valentines day. How sweet is he?!
I know, I do have the best dad in the world.
Especially cause he puts up with me asking him to take outfit pictures for me all the time.
They usually end up with him going “Why no face?” “Wait, did I get you in the frame?” “What button do I push?” “Is there film left?”
Film?? Left?! … You’re using an iPhone.

Hah, I love you daddy 😛

IMG_1868 IMG_1870

Excuse the awkward pic of me, but I really love this headband. I found it for a single dollar at a flea market I went to not too long ago. It’s so unique and makes any outfit stand out a bit more!
I looked at this pic and was literally like “Wow hair, wtf!”
No I don’t color my hair or anything…
It’s just weird, and bi-polar. It doesn’t know what color it wants to be yet, haha..



Finally driving to my destination, I found some cute finds! I love shopping at the outlets. So worth the 45min drive. The deals are amazing. And how CUTE are these?!

IMG_1910 IMG_1913
Yep, killed 1hr+ in Bath & Body works

And to end my day, I did some damage in one of my favorite stores, and purchased my first actual Coach bag. 😀 Hooray for clearance!

It was a good day indeed.


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