What I ate Wednesday #1

Hello there bloggers!

I see people doing these all the time so I figured, why not? They seem like a fun thing to do 🙂
Gonna start this post off with a little bit of humor though…

Nearly died after I seen this. Poor magikarp.. Always frowned upon for his ability to splash…
Anyone else notice whoever made this spelt splash wrong?
HAHAHA. I did.
What I ate Wednesday…

Of course, I forgot to take a pic of everything hehe. Its my first time, so bear with me!


For breakfast today I decided to switch things up a little bit. I went with spelt flour pancakes yummaaay!
Spelt flour, banana-blueberry pancakes topped with Walden Farms chocolate sauce, sided with fresh papaya! Of course I had my morning coffee with this aswell.
Yes, it was delicious… But I did miss my oats very much 😦
Yummy, delicious oats ❤
Once I nail this recipe, I shall post it ^-^

Hah. Fooled ya. Forgot to take a pic :3 But it was just a yummy salad with some random sides thrown in like cottage cheese and fruit. Nothing special. I try to keep it as simple as possible so people don’t give me strange looks in school, no funky smells, and no disruptions. Therefor, salads are the perfect getaways (y)


I love snacks. Especially sweet, yummy ones after school like this.

Cottage cheese, blueberries, chopped walnuts, cinnamon and agave!
A whole bunch of my favorite stuff! I loooove cottage cheese. I swear I can easily clear out a pound container in one sitting. Just like I could clear out a jar of peanut butter, or a box of chocolates in about 3.4 minuets. 😀

Wednesdays are usually my rest days. I see it as a break in the middle of my stressful, work-filled school week. To some people, rest days consist of working out/cardio, just no weights.
… MY rest days usually involve a couch, a book, and a nice blanket.

But today being the first day of spring, I took advantage of the weather and went out for a super refreshing jog and I’m SO glad I did!
IMG_1745 IMG_1743
It was so gorgeous out for running. Still cold (about 40 degrees) but I warmed up relatively quick. I love how the fresh air feels rushing through your lungs, and how I heard nothing else but the pounding of my feet and the melancholy weeping of violin solos on my iPod. It was bliss ❤
…Even more blissful?? Dinner.


My dad has been on some sort of cooking spree, but I’m not complaining. He’s been throwing together healthy, vegan recipes that he picked up from my Aunt on his trip to Florida. Today’s soup was one everyone can appreciate…


Spicy, sweet potato PEANUT BUTTER soup.
It was so creamy and delicious and full of flavors. A little too spicy for my tasting, but definitely worth it. I’m so gonna have him make this again. It was perfect to have after my run with some flax & multigrain crackers.
Recipe? Why of course I’ll give it to you… Just not today 😉
Stay tuned!

And finally…

Normally I love to create healthified desserts, or super yummy clean treats. But today, my brother brought home these babies…


Ironically, earlier today I was thinking about donuts almost all morning. How bad I wanted one, and how delicious they are… And how its been about 6-7 months since I last had one.
Then magically, my brother brought some home.
My favorite always were the classic chocolate glazed. Nothing fancy- just yummy, cakey chocolate.
As soon as he walked through the door with them my heart jumped- “Yay donuts!” And then it fell.
Unhealthy. Fat. You can’t have. Why would you eat that? Failure.
So I waited a bit. Those donuts wouldn’t leave my damn mind.
I went back and I had one. A blueberry cake one. (Theres blueberries in it… Healthy enough, right?!) Hah!
Take that ED!

I told myself I would enjoy the things I want in life- the little things in life like this. Times when my family decides to have a donut after dinner- or better yet, when my brother is actually nice enough to consider bringing home donuts for us all when I was magically thinking about them all morning. o.o Had to be some sort of a sign right? Heh, trying to justify having a donut…

Enjoy things in moderation! I had one donut and savored it, it was delicious. I could have eaten that whole damn box… And I knew if I deprived myself of a craving, sometime when donuts come around I would eat the whole box. But not today! I had one and YAY am I so happy that I’m not crying in a corner right now haha!
Jokes, jokes. But sometimes things like that happen.
I’ve been resisting the urge to google the calorie content in one donut. Why would I do that? I know it would ruin my whole outlook on recovery and treating myself when I want something, so why do I still want to do it?
Because ED is bitching at me, and getting angry that I’m winning.
Not going to let it get to me! Not today 😉



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