Post St. Patties Day

Okay well lets first clear the air- I’m not 100% Irish. I’m mostly Italian, and a lick of Irish from my mothers side.
But of course, that 1/4 of Irish-ness happens to come out in me a lot
Hence my pale skin, ability to roast in the sun in like 10 milliseconds, and easily getting pink/red and blotchy.
Wooo for being Irish (y)
But no, really. I do enjoy the wee bit or Irish in me laddy!

See what I did there 😉


So long story short, if theres an excuse for a celebration and some good food, my family is DOWN. A few years back, I would have been too. But as my ED took a turn for the worst, my weekend was full of anxieties and fears. So much delicious, unhealthy, amazing food under MY roof? The thought was very scary and terrifying to me for some reason. Although my past bake fest (at my house…) went well, I was very antsy this weekend . That just shows how weird ED’s are.

When I was at the supermarket, I cannot stress to you how long it took me just to pick out a box of cookies to bring for dessert.
“Are we going to have too much?” “Will everyone like these?” “Maybe I should just put them back.” “We don’t need them” “Yeah, I’ll put them back.”
All the thoughts bounced back and forth throughout my head, and then I caught a glimpse of the nutrition label.

…Ooooh boy.
The numbers were enough to make me cry.
I pulled myself together. Told myself “Don’t you miss the old you? Don’t you want to have fun and enjoy these times with your family? What ever happened to wanting to get better?”

… And you’re damn right I threw those cookies in my cart 😉
And I’m sooooo glad I did…


Because they were some of the BEST store-bought cookies I’ve ever purchased
~ Brownie and chocolate chip chunk. Vanilla chip and macadamia nut ~

As dinner time rolled by, my neighbor stopped over with some delicious home made Irish Soda bread!
This stuff is sooo good, and its a shame soda bread only comes around once a year for us. But thats just what makes it even more special, and adds on to more reasons to enjoy it.

IMG_1672 IMG_1670

Finally, our little feast was ready! And I realized, it actually isn’t all that bad.


Corned beef (yuck) with cabbage, carrots and potatoes all boiled in water with some seasoning and spices.
I, of course, stuck to sweet potatoes 😀
And naturally, I don’t like many meats so stayed away from the beef. I stuffed my face with cabbage and carrots like the little bunny that I am.

… And of course, left plenty of room for Soda Bread and cookies.



How was your St. Patties day? 🙂
Hope everyone had a great time with their families!
I’ve come to realize that living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy and exercising, enjoying the fun times with friends and family, and enjoying things you crave every now and then. Heck, even every day! No restrictions. Live life to the fullest, and fill it with tons of laughter and smile.
Because what it does come down to is, you do only live once.
(Soooo not gonna get this by saying yolo though)


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