Bake fest!

Yes, you read that right!




          So, my friends and I started a new tradition. Every couple of weeks we want to hold a massive bake fest! My friends and I all love to experiment with baking, so we figured why not bring all of our baking skills together for a delicious day of sampling? Of course I was torn between two. I really wanted to enjoy such a fun-filled day with my girls, but my ED thoughts were waving their red flags screaming nononononono! But I used my willpower and ignored it, and even offered to host it at my house. I figured since I felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea, I might as well contribute something healthy yet still delicious! I made chocolatecoveredkaites delicious cookie dough dip! I sided it with (unhealthy) light cookies for dipping but hey, who counts calories on days like this anyway?

No one. :3

Not even me.

Recipe can be found here

It was a huge hit with my friends. I used sugar free chocolate chips in it too! No one would have guessed it was on the healthy end of the spectrum. I can’t wait to make it again.

Now… For the really good stuff.

My girls made marble top bitter-sweet brownies, blueberry streusel muffins, and the classic ooey gooey chocolate chip  cookies<3

  IMG_1404 IMG_1400IMG_1405

I can’t even pick a favorite because everything was soooo good! You can put any candy in front of me (besides chocolate) like skittles, gummy worms, even ice cream! And I could care less if  there were nice baked goods in front of me. I’m a killer for all that good stuff! Like…
and all that good stuff.

So, as you could imagine, we had a pretty nice feast

Soooo delicious!

My mom also contributed to our feast with lovely M&M cookies, some festive cupcakes, and lemon marzipan cake!

IMG_1398 IMG_1413

Sorry for all the foodgasm-worthy pictures my fellow clean eaters! Shield your eyes!!

My friends also brought me my birthday presents. ❤ Now, my birthday was in January. So it was a bit eye opening because the only reason I got them now, in March, was because I would constantly push away any food-related event. I allowed ED to isolate me from my friends. I will never again let ED take away my social life and my lovely girls


Anyway, I enjoyed the day so much. It was full of feasting, laughs and good times. We watched a couple movies and just had a great time. By the time the night came to an end, I was so stuffed… But like I said, I had such an amazing day. I couldn’t have been happier!


That stuffed feeling carried in to the next day, as do many cheat days. It was a reminder to me of why I enjoy eating healthy, and how I love how being healthy makes me feel. Sure, I love to have massive “off” days like this when my ‘cheat day’ mindset completely over-rides me ED voice, but I definitely hate the feeling after.

Its also a good reminder of why I should incorporate my favorite treats, in moderation, into my lifestyle. To prevent going to overboard on days like these- which I will work harder towards doing without the whole “But its not my cheat day” mindset. I need to satisfy these cravings so they don’t build up like such!

I hope everyone had a great weekend just as I did!
And I hope you all enjoyed something super-duper good ;D


The damage has been done! This is all that was left. Yep, females can eat. I strongly feel that females can eat 20x more than any man given the right day, food, and time. xD


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