Delicious Weekend

First off, the weekend goes by way too quick.

I love to savor my weekends and enjoy every last drop of happiness I can get from them~

… Because once the week comes, my happiness is down to a minimal.
Okayokay thats an exaggeration, but still, I really do love my weekends.’

funny weekend

On the weekends I usually try to enjoy myself. I try to forget about the stress at school (even though its hard with the amount of homework I get daily) I try to do things that make me happy, even if that includes straying away from the clean-eating world for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, my meals for the most part are healthy. But, I try to keep in mind that I’m young and also need to enjoy my life. I can’t stay isolated from friends and family due to food related events like I used to do so often in the past. That doesn’t help balance out my life. Especially because I like loooooove sweets -drool-

Everyday I start my mornings off with a coffee. I love coffee, idc what you all say about caffeine and creamers and such. I’ve been having one with some creamer and stevia in it everyday and look at me, I’m fine 😛 But my weekend coffees are extra special. I get to sit down and slowly enjoy them at whatever hour it is my eyes decide to open…


Weekend mornings are probably my absolute favorite. Mornings in general are, but weekend mornings are extra special to me. I love the quiet time, the sunlight, and the relaxation. Ah, perfection!

Although my Saturday morning was close to perfect, there were some bittersweet moments…


Ah chobani, how I love you so ❤

Does anyone else thoroughly enjoy scraping the sides of an almost empty jug of greek yogurt?! Mmf so good!
(Minuets after taking this picture I realized how desperately low I was on groceries)

          Eventually  I dragged my bottom out of bed for a nice Saturday morning jog, and then out to run some errands with my mommah. Picked up a couple of these too~


Behold! The candy bars of the clean eaters! Haven’t tried one yet!

I asked my mom if she could buy me one to try. So I picked out a flavor and waited on line.

She ended up wandering off, then moments later returned with a crap load more and simply said “I want to try one too.”

Hah. One.

Shortly after, I got my delicious, long awaited weekend treat. All you can eat sushi buffet. Sheer bliss! Usually I don’t care much for giant main meals since I am more of a dessert person, but when it comes to sushi…

I can eat. And eat.. and eat.

….And still eat.

IMG_1191 IMG_1192

Everything was so yummy! The rolls on the right were the ones that made it into my top 4 for the night.

The first one is some delicious salmon roll with peanut butter sauce on top. (Omfg PB and sushi.. score!!!) And that pink one. I honestly just liked it cause it was pretty, pink and cute. The next one was eel avocado because I love eel avocado :3 Lastly was the black dragon roll. Delish!

Now of course this wasn’t all I had. I also had another heaping plate of steamed bok choy (yums!) sided with more rolls.

And don’t think I forgot about dessert!


Cream puffs, mini cakes, and green tea ice cream


Once again, don’t think thats all I had. Those two mini cakes were probably followed by a dozen more ;D

So basically my weekend was delicious, relaxing, and almost homework free! Best part about giant sushi nights? The run the next morning. I was like a friggen energizer bunny on the treadmill- I couldn’t stop! Hooray for carbs!

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy any naughty/delicious foods? ;D


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