Cat Life~

Sometimes its the little things in life that make me the happiest. I’m very easily satisfied with simplicity…

But thats besides the point. This post is mainly above cats. To be more specific, how perfect my little man is and how much I lubs him c: No, I am not a crazy cat lady Yes, I do love and spoil my cat… and yes, I do consider him to be a best friend of mine.

… Okay, maybe I am a bit crazy, but all you cat lovers out there can relate, right?!

IMG_0789It all started some years ago. I’d really like to go with three, but I’m not sure exactly how many years went by since I’ve had him, so lets just say four. Yeah, four sounds like a good number. Anyways, four years ago a thin, tiny, scrawny, malnourished kitten appeared at my backdoor meowing like a maniac. Immediatley after laying eyes upon him, I snatched him up and hid him in my room- for three whole days. With the help of my neighbors (Hooray for free kitty litter and kitten food!) I was able to keep him hidden from my parents for a whopping three days. Don’t know how it all ends dup working out, but it did. Once my parents discovered him, they were livid, but couldn’t help but fall in love with this adorable lump of fur.

Oh yeah, did I mention that this lump of fur loves me, and ONLY me? Thats one of my favorite qualities of his, hehe.

Well, that was only the beginning D’Artagnan and my long lasting friendship. He can be a pain in the butt though, especially when he’s yowling at my door at 3am- only to come in and claw my face while I hide under the blankets, or rub his teary-booger filled eye all over my cheek while I sleep (yes, he is quite the bully right!?) But for the most part, he’s my best bud and the simplest things he does brings me joy.

Like playing with water from the sink~

Bottom line is, if you don’t have a cat, you should go get one.

 IMG_0849 IMG_0838 IMG_0835

IMG_0848Do you have a cat?

If so, whats his/her name? How did you acquire your cat?


kitty soft_kitty


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